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Patient review

BronwynW 01/05/2015

Breast Reduction

I'm 47 years old and live in remote NSW. I am a mother of two and a wife to a Pilot. I have been suffering with back pain and my ribs popping out for close to 15 years and I'm a regular visitor to the Chiropractor for those 15 years. Since having children my DD bra went up to an F until my operation. I also said if I ever come into money or save enough money I would get a reduction. That finally happened in 2015, so I thought I'd start the ball rolling and ring around, to see what I could find out, plus getting online to start my research. This is how I discovered Dr Choy. I rang several times to Dr Choy's offices, and got various ladies who gave me information on the procedure, cost, timing etc. Once I had myself organised and decided to go ahead with the reduction, I locked in a date with Dr Choy’s office and had organised a meeting with him to iron out everything. I was a bit apprehensive about the “Unknown” but I was talking to a friend about my operation and she said that her best friend had it done a year ago by the same Doctor. So I got in contact with her and kept in contact with her, she said it was the best thing she had ever done and even had two other girlfriends who had the procedure done by Dr Choy since her operation. I had the procedure done in May 2015 and being a self funded patient, and not in a Private Health Fund, everything was set out prior, so I knew what I had to pay for and what needed to be paid. I was in a Private Hospital overnight before going to my Mother's place for further support. I didn't have any pain from the “Get Go”, and I had minimal scarring. Once the 3 month post operative period was up, I went bra shopping, and I've bought some beautiful sports bras to wear, as I don't want to wreck my new breast, by being negligent. Most of all, I haven't had any more back, shoulder pain AT ALL, and I haven't been to the chiropractor since prior to my operation! I just have to maintain my health, which is a learning process as I've never jogged in my life without difficulties as I had to wear two bras and hold my chest while jogging! Now I wear my sports bra with an endurance bra over the top, to stop any tissue ripping, and jog without holding them. I just feel light, and I stand taller, with my shoulders back and head held high. The posture I never had!!! I just can’t thank Dr Choy enough for his most wonderful surgical work in my breast reduction journey!