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Patient review

Nina100 03/04/2017

Breast Augmentation

The decision to have a breast augmentation surgery was made after I was told that I was unsuitable candidate for fat grafting to breast as being ‘too skinny’. I am 42, breastfed one child and always has been fit and sporty with small breast. After I started a new relationship, my desire to look refreshed and reshaped increased. The idea of going under the knife was not an option for me at all at the beginning, disliking the fact being ‘stuffed and stitched’, fearing complications and necessity to change implants regularly. So, I researched many non-surgical options for breast enlargement: pills (playing with hormones was as dangerous as often non-effective); breast pumps (time-consuming, with no proven permanent results) and fat transfer to breast. I chose the latter but failed the suitability for the procedure test and have been referred to Dr Ellis Choy. Disappointed with the fact that I can not have organic breast implants, I ‘googled’ Dr Choy’s name. Other surgeons’ names popped up but checking the vast number of 100% positive reviews Dr Choy had, it was not hard to make a decision that he was the only surgeon I would trust with my body. When it comes to my health, I choose the best from the best. My first appointment with Dr Choy lasted as long as it was needed to satisfy ALL my curiosity about the procedure. I was educated about the modern advanced technology in breast implants and reassured that there is no need to remove them for 10 (in some cases more) years if there are no complications. That was a dominant motivating factor for me to have the surgery done! Dr Choy recommended a number of implant options which were suitable for my body frame, lifestyle and needs, explaining in details the advantage of each. He presented me a variety of his ‘before and after’ patients who were about my age, similar to my body shape and wanted a natural-looking breast. I was very impressed by Dr Choy’s professionalism and artistic approach – the goal was to make me look beautiful but still comfortable with my new breasts. The feeling that I was ‘in the right hands’ never left me. I was confident Dr Choy would make the right decision on my behalf during the operation as I was still unsure what size should I go for. I fully trusted him and his medical team in the hospital experience and expertise. The result was amazing! Fast surgery, absolutely painless and easy recovery and most importantly, the new natural-looking beautiful breast which I was after. The new breast became part of me straight away and I am proud of my new asset! New life – new ME! Thank you so much for all your work you do to make women look and feel amazing!