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Patient review

ReneeElizabeth 29/05/2017

Breast Augmentation

Hi, my name is Renee Elizabeth. I decided I wanted to get a breast augmentation and after extensive research I decided that doctor Ellis choy was the best surgeon for the job. I travelled from New Zealand to Sydney for the surgery. I decided to get the surgery because after having my two beautiful children breastfeeding left my breasts saggy and deflated. I rang the admin staff and told them I wanted to get the surgery done within the month. These wonderful ladies were able to organise a phone consultation within a couple days. I got to speak with Dr Ellis Choy. I got my surgery explained to me and a quote sent to me. I was so excited because the cost I was quoted fitted perfectly into my budget, and honestly you cannot put a price on the happiness I feel today. The staff were so helpful and kind. Answered all my questions and my phone calls no matter what time it was. And I was booked in for the 29/05/2017. That date I will never forget, it's the date that changed my life. I can now look at my body and smile, I feel like me again. I feel proud in my body. I have a tattoo under my right breast. Doctor Ellis Choy was able to avoid cutting through it which meant a lot To me as that's my daughters birth date. I can't begin to describe how happy I am with the outcome of my breasts. I will no longer feel embarrassed when I go bra and dress shopping. I can finally feel comfortable in my own skin. I feel like a brand new woman. As soon as I spoke with Dr Ellis Choy in person I had so much trust and faith in him I let him decide on the size of the implant while I was on the operating table. He knew what would be perfect for my shape and size, and I can confidently say he was exactly right! I woke up and could not hold back the tears of joy after looking down to see my amazing breasts. Dr Ellis choy went from saving lives to changing lives. Thank you and everyone at Zilver Lining Sydney. You guys truly are the dream team!