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 Ellis Choy

Ellis Choy

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Patient review

Young Mind 27/03/2017


I have been called retiree at the age of 68 years ‘old’. Sorry there is no such word as ‘old’ in my dictionary. I find it offensive to be labeled because of my age. I am always young at heart. I am keeping up with my exercise and living a healthy life. I have found no good reasons to live as an ‘old’ woman at my age just to follow the norm of the society. I refuse to be a retiree because I feel young and I have a lot more to offer to the society. I am not prepared to sit in the rocking chair wasting the rest of my life away. Unfortunately, the physical signs of ageing is not in correlation of my mental attitude. My eyelids were the first walking away from my young outlook in life. Some friends often commented that I had been staying up late so the bags were very prominent under my eyes. I was struggling to have my upper eyelids held up to get better vision. Those issues started to trouble me physically and mentally. I realized that my appearance does not match my outlook and attitude. In order to put the balance back in my life between feeling and looking young. I resorted to elective eyelids surgery. I was lucky to have witnessed the magical works of Dr Ellis Choy operated the upper and lower eyelids for my friend. I could not find the trace of scars on her face and she was looking younger naturally. With mixed feelings, tossing between going against nature or let nature takes over. I decided to make the best of the rest of my remaining life, so, I made an appointment with Dr Choy. At the consultation with Dr Choy; I felt the sincerity and genuineness in his manner, immediately I felt I could trust him. It gave me full confidence on the day of the surgery that I was neither nervous nor anxious, thinking I could trust him for a good surgery and outcome. Everything met my expectation. I couldn’t be happier. I must mention about the friendly staff, they were all doing their best to create a pleasant and relaxed environment for me. Making the whole journey of surgery a very pleasant and worry free experience. I was always skeptical about cosmetic surgery, thinking vanity is the main motivation for it. I must admit that I am happy to be looking younger than my age. But more importantly, I realized the benefits of the cosmetic surgery go beyond the physical improvement. I found the mental uplifting is far greater than the looking good on the face. It makes me happy thinking I am enjoying a longer youthful life than a lot of other people at my age wasting the rest of their life doing nothing for themselves/the society.