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Patient review

Maree6886 01/03/2017

Breast Implant Removal, Breast Implant Revision, Breast Lift - Mastopexy

I decided to have breast augmentation revision surgery because I was left disfigured from a previous breast augmentation/ lift by another surgeon. I suffered physical pain from the operation and emotional grief after that first surgery. Three and a half weeks after my botched surgery I contacted Dr Ellis Choy’s office. I spoke with his receptionist and his nurse; both were understanding of my position and emotional pain. Dr Choy phoned me that night at about 5.30pm. He spoke with me for an hour assuring me that my situation could be improved. He was amazing, he listened to my story, and he gave me hope again. This was a busy doctor I had never met before, and I knew then that I was in good hands. During my consultation with Dr Choy, he showed me pictures of other women that had similar botched surgery and the fantastic outcomes after surgery performed by him. We then planned our next step “breast augmentation lift revision” at six months after my first surgery. Two operations in six months…..The first night after surgery I felt relieved it was all over ,the next day I saw my new beautiful breasts. Six weeks post op my breasts are perfect, my scars are minimal and I had very little pain and down time compared to the first time. I feel like a woman again…. a proud woman. Thank you Dr Choy.