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 Ellis Choy

Ellis Choy

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Patient review

Syd 19/05/2017

Tummy Tuck, Mummy Makeover

I just wasn’t born with a body that “bounced” back after having my 2 boys. I gained a lot of weight during both pregnancies and after breastfeeding, I ended up with deflated saggy boobs and a very saggy wrinkly tummy scarred with stretch marks. At just 34 years of age, I still wanted to be able to go to the beach in a bikini without being embarrassed and self-conscious of my grandma saggy boobs and grandma wrinkly tummy covered with stretch marks. It took a few months to decide whether I really wanted to get a tummy tuck. It was a different decision making process to getting my boobs done. It was a combination of the cost and the magnitude of the surgery, the permanent scar, the recovery time and also whether going through all that was going to be worth it. In the end it came down to what was going to be worse – living with a scar that was hidden under my bikini line for the rest of my life or having a ugly wrinkly saggy tummy that really affected my confidence for the rest of my life. Then it became clear that I would definitely be happier to get it done. Having already had a very successful and excellent experience with my breast augmentation and lift just 6 months ago with Dr Ellis Choy, there was nobody else I wanted to do my tummy tuck. Dr Choy has a very conservative and thorough approach. He listens carefully to what I want and what my expectations are. I knew he would make the right choices and have the skills and experience to give me the best possible result. He has an amazing team and once again, everyone went above and beyond to ensure that it was a smooth process. I am now 2 months post surgery and loving my new body already. My confidence is through the roof. I look and feel amazing. I have never looked this good even before I had kids. My favourite comment since my surgeries is “you don’t look like you have had kids”. I can’t wait until summer comes and I can walk around the beach feeling beautiful. I would’ve regretted not doing this because really, it has now given me the confidence to be able to do anything. Thank you to Dr Ellis and the entire Zilverlining team who have changed my life. It’s the best thing I’ve done for myself because I deserve to be happy. Life is too short to not be happy about everything in your life. Live the life you love. Love the life you live.