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Patient review

Renee76 29/03/2017

Breast Lift - Mastopexy, Breast Reduction

I am 41yrs old and have had 4 children and throughout my pregnancies my breasts have gotten as big as a 10F AND 10G cup. As you could imagine I was now just walking around with very deflated, saggy breasts. I was wearing a 10DD or 10E depending on the bra. But my bra I felt was only ever filled with saggy, droopy loose skin, no breast tissue at all really. I was sick and tired about not being able to buy bras and a swimming costume for my size without paying a fortune for them, let alone having to wear clothes that suited my size not what I wanted to wear. I have suffered with bad posture and have always slouch over to try and hide my breasts, as since I was about 14yrs old I found at school I was just always known as the girl with the big breasts. I have suffered with lower back problems, a sore neck and continual headaches due to bad posture and neck and back pain. From my initial contact with Dr Choy, I could not praise him or his staff enough on their communication their willingness to answer all my questions and to ensure I was able to make an informed decision about my surgery. After all my questions had been answered and I was sure I was making the best decision for myself and my health and wellbeing my operation date was set. It is now over 3 months postop my breast reduction lift surgery and I have been slowly getting back into my exercise regime. I cannot be happier with my decision and am looking forward to the next part of my life and good health. I can now shop for pretty bras and clothes that I choose to purchase and want to wear. I can exercise without having to feel like I need to tape my breast down to stop the jiggle and pain caused. I would highly recommend Dr Choy and his team. I couldn’t be happier.