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 Ellis Choy

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Patient review

Vicki138 24/05/2017

Breast Lift - Mastopexy, Breast Reduction

A new lease of life. My journey began when I found Dr Ellis Choy. I had suffered through my teenage years with constant sore back and feeling self conscious about how big my breasts were. Buying bras was always an ordeal as my breasts were not only huge but wide as well so every bra I would try on I would constantly fall out the side. I couldn't wear nice strappy tops or dresses and bathing suits I could never get to fit properly as I would constantly fall out the sides. After two pregnancies my breast were a nightmare, the only good thing was that I was able to breast feed but they became very saggy as they got bigger. There wasn't a diet that I went on that I was able to loose some weight off them. The fullness didn't budge so while I lost weight I looked too big for my frame. I decided that enough was enough and finally worked up enough courage to seek advice about possible reduction. After doing lots of research I came across Dr Ellis Choy. From the minute I walked into his surgery not only were his staff extremely helpful but they were very caring and reassuring. Talking to Dr Ellis about my needs was one of the easiest things I experienced as I was so scared. He was very reassuring about the procedure and explained everything word for word. He went through everything from the pre surgery consultation right up to my stay in hospital and what I needed to expect. The day had come where I went in to have my breast reduction. Dr Ellis came to see me before I went into surgery with his team and I never felt so relaxed. It all went well and after I was out of theatre Dr Ellis then came to see me in the recovery. I have to say I'm now 2 months post surgery and I feel amazing. I have very minimal scaring already and I’m So happy with the shape! My breasts are a lot smaller and I have so much more confidence about myself. My cloths fit me so much better and bra shopping I'm going to look forward to. Though I'm not wearing proper ones just yet I have already bought some beautiful bras that I would never have dreamt I could even try and wear. I walked into my post surgery appointment with a smile on my face. If I had to go through any type of cosmetic surgery I wouldn't hesitate to choose the wonderful caring Dr Ellis Choy! All I can say is thank you for making such an amazing difference in my life! Vicki