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Patient review

KayH 12/04/2017

Breast Implant Revision

My journey has been really tough these last four years due to an initial breast implant augmentation in 2012 not going according to plan. Straight after the surgery you could see that my right breast was much more swollen that the left and was extremely painful. It wasn’t until a scan two months later that clearly showed that the upper portion of the breast implant was folded which is why I was in so much pain and was causing the bulge. Obviously this meant I would require a second surgery to correct this. I then went on to develop various deformities I.E bottoming out and double bubble in both breasts which did not give an aesthetic look. This really knocked my confidence self-esteem and relationship with my husband. Because of the experience I had with the previous surgeon, surgeries and problems it took me a long time (over three years) to pluck up the courage to think about getting these issues rectified. I saw three plastic surgeons one of which was Dr Choy. Right from the very beginning of the consultation Dr Choy was very honest, straightforward and explained the problems I had in great detail some of which I wasn’t aware I had. The three main problems were bottoming out of the implant, double bubble and muscle flex deformity. All of which were not going to be an ‘easy fix’. Straight away I knew that Dr Choy was the man for the job and in my opinion the most skilled surgeon I had spoken with too. Even though I live in Brisbane I thought the travel to Sydney would be worth it so I booked the surgery for April 2017. On the day of my surgery I was extremely nervous but Dr Choy’s team were fantastic. The procedure itself was quite complicated but Dr Choy reassured me that the surgery had gone well and he was very happy with the results. I was in quite a bit of pain which was to be expected. I saw Dr Choy for a follow-up appointment three weeks later and all was well. Unfortunately a couple of days later one of my sutures popped (probably from stretching to close the boot of the car) and I developed a minor infection. Upon noticing this I immediately contacted Dr Choy and he called me back straight away with advice and assured me that everything would be ok. It has been a long and very emotional three months since developing an open wound that seemed reluctant to heal. Dr Choy however was very supportive, he gave me his mobile number which most surgeons don’t do. He would ring me out of the blue to check how I was doing both mentally and physically. His management of my situation from Sydney as I live in Brisbane was outstanding all the GP’s and staff who were treating my wound were very impressed with his hands-on approach despite him being in another state. I still have a little bit