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Patient review

Anna369 07/06/2017

Tummy Tuck, Breast Reconstruction

I was diagnosed with primary breast cancer in November 2016 at the age of 48. To me, not having a family history, religiously following clean lifestyle, always being healthy and active, the diagnosis was a complete shock! In my surgeon’s view, I was an ideal candidate for an immediate breast reconstruction. While I fully trusted my surgeon’s opinion, it was extremely hard mentally and emotionally to take a decision that soon. I was also not sure if I really wanted breast reconstruction done. After initial research and lots of considerations, I chose to go through bilateral mastectomy while delaying a decision about breast reconstruction. I was scared and future looked uncertain, but my wonderful husband always showed his great support and gentle care through that very difficult time for both of us. Within three months of post-surgery period it was quite clear to me that I want my breasts back! I did extensive research of breast reconstruction options available, scrutinising all related pros and cons. At that point, I decided that the DIEP flap reconstruction was an ideal option for me. The idea of having breasts made of my own tissue using skin/fat/blood vessels taken from the abdomen area with muscle sparing concept, plus getting a tummy tuck sounded like a science fiction! When I visited Dr.Choy's office I was very impressed with its stylish design and warm welcoming by his office staff members. During the appointment, Dr. Choy really took his time, to having very informative and caring discussion with me regarding the upcoming surgery. The pictures of his patients before/after he provided were very helpful. Dr. Ellis Choy’s approach of learning about patient ‘s personal story, interests and expectations through warm and frank talk perfectly explains his professionalism, genuinely kind personality and true passion for the amazing work that he does. After that very first appointment I felt just very confident that I’m in the very best of hands! I had a double DIEP free flap breast reconstruction on 7 of June 2017, my recovery was amazingly smooth and fast. I was told that with the DIEP flaps, it is difficult to stand up straight, but I did only a few days after surgery and at 4 weeks post-surgery I was ready to dance! I was very fortunate having Dr. Ellis Choy and his highly skilled surgical team performing the procedure. Dr. Ellis Choy and his team members were extremely attentive and visited me at the hospital on a daily basis, monitoring my progress . My stay in the hospital was really easy with wonderful care. I was discharged from the hospital after only 7 days , walking straight and with no drains! I am beyond thrilled with the results I have seen immediately after surgery. My new breasts from the first day look and feel like my originals! Needless to say, I’m very happy getting a beautiful flat tummy for the rest of my life! I’m forever grateful to Dr. Ellis Choy and his wonderful team!