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Patient review

Linda1993 14/07/2017

Breast Augmentation

Since the age of 16, I knew I wanted to get a breast augmentation and potentially an areola reduction. I felt my breast were too cony and had a slight droop to them and my areola were disproportionately too large for my size. I’m actually Canadian and have been going to see doctors in Canada and some parts of the USA for about 6 years now. I have in average, gone to about 15 doctors for consultations and about 2 doctors whom I almost went through with surgery. I’m here in Sydney for the year and decided to check out a doctor in Sydney. I found Dr. Choy and checked out his website from here and absolutely loved all the pictures in his gallery so I booked a consultation. I found Dr. Choy amazing. He went through every single step with me and made sure all of my questions were answered and made sure I understood everything about the procedure. I told him my worries about the size of my areola and he told me I should wait as they would probably be proportionate once I get a bigger implant in me (he was right!). After my first consultation with him, I knew that I had finally found my doctor. Overall, I wanted an extremely natural look. Dr. Choy noticed the slight asymmetry in my breast and recommended 375 cc in the left and 400 cc in the right (which have turned out to be the perfect size for me). Another huge factor for me was nipple sensitivity. I have extremely sensitive nipples and absolutely did not want to lose that - something very important for me. It has been over a month and I can completely feel my nipples, I have not lost any sensation whatsoever! Something that I also loved was that during the consultation, Dr. Choy would first ask me my opinion on what I think should be done and he would either agree or explain to me why he thinks differently. I really appreciated this as, since I have seen so many other doctors I have had so many different opinions and also had formed my own. He was extremely respectful in the way he presented his opinions. The day before surgery the staffs were amazing. I ended up having a lot of anxiety and called them about three times. Everyone was so sweet and really reassured me about the surgery. The surgery went perfectly. The staffs at the day hospital were great. The nurses were beyond nice and made me feel so at home. Of course before surgery I started to get a lot of anxiety and they really calmed me down and listened to what I had to say, I really can’t explain how grateful I am. Overall, My experience with Dr. Choy and his team has been impeccable. It’s been about a month postop and I’m healing perfectly. I cannot thank them enough. I highly recommend going with Dr. Choy for breast augmentation!