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Patient review

PamMal 26/08/2017

Tummy Tuck

I’m a tall slender woman and friends would say why on earth do you want a tummy tuck, you look fine. I had to remind them there is a reason I’m never seen in fitted clothes. I had 3 C-sections, my children are 30, 29 and 23 yrs. I did and still love to exercise and for many years I felt amazing in my taught figure. I began experiencing tummy pain and bloating especially after eating but it continuously got worse over the years where in the morning my tummy would be quite flat but as the morning wore on to afternoon to evening my tummy would swell and be uncomfortable to the point where I would have to undo my work skirt zipper and there would be no way I’d wear a pair of jeans. There would be many evenings when I’d say to partner, I can’t eat dinner, my stomach is too uncomfortable. By eventing my stomach would be so bloated and out of it’s normal shape, I’d become distressed. I describe my tummy as a blown up balloon with some water in it and brick at the bottom, sloshy and heavy. I was continuously upset about how I felt, it was ruining my quality of life. It was December 2016 where I thought to myself “what if”, what if I could have surgery to “fix things”. I started googling and found Dr Choy’s website. I looked at every picture and was amazed at the before’s and after’s, it was very impressive. I checked out his credentials. I felt comfortable to contact his office. Dr’s Choy’s team have been amazing. My initial appointment was made through Janie (Practice Manager), I then received a call from Siobhan (cosmetic surgery consultant) to discuss my reasons and wishes to have cosmetic surgery. I saw Dr Choy for my initial appointment. He made me feel extremely comfortable and discussed what procedure would achieve a positive result for me. He discussed with me what to expect including post operative pain and discomfort. It was a 6 month period between my first appointment and surgery but I had the opportunity to see him 3 additional times before my surgery date. From the time the surgery date was secured I was so excited, counting down the months, the weeks, the days. I was anxious the night before but the day of surgery I was so excited, at last I would be normal! I couldn’t believe what I saw the morning after, my tummy was perfect! I knew that this was going to be a turning point for me. Moya (Dr Choy’s surgical assistant) was great with post operative care until I saw Dr Choy again. Apart from looking amazing I don’t experience discomfort now after eating and the bloat is gone. I feel like all my bits are in place and nothing is spewing over or out anymore. It hasn’t been easy but totally worth it. Every day is better than the last.