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Patient review

unclearcal 14/07/2017

Breast Augmentation

I undertook a journey to increase my self confidence early June 2017. At only 19yrs old I had struggled with confidence as all my friends hit puberty and grew into their adult bodies; full breasts, big hips and beautiful smiles. I had the latter, however never seemed to form breasts of my own. I had always considered and been interested in the idea of breast augmentation, however became serious about the procedure late 2014. I was afraid many people would judge me for choosing to undergo such a serious ELECTIVE surgery at such a young age. But I knew it was something I needed to do myself, as everything else I was ‘unhappy’ with (per say), I could change myself. Except this. I approached Dr Ellis Choy early June, booked in for consultation for the 6th June. The consultation was seamless and comfortable. Dr Choy is friendly and professional, and made me certain I wanted to go ahead with the procedure. I booked the surgery date within a week of the first consultation. Fast forward to mid July, and my surgery date had arrived. The team at Zilver Lining can not be faulted, small issues such as timing delays occurred, but are to be expected in such a demanding procedure. Each person I encountered throughout the journey were supportive, not one person judging me for my age. If anything just ensuring I was certain with my decision. I am currently six weeks post op, and my recovery has been very good. The pain was immense in the first few days, due to the muscle being disrupted, and the body adapting to the foreign objects. However, I was off painkillers within the first few days, only taking them before bed. The surgery has impacted my life majorly. I can already see so much more confidence in my personality, and can feel the happiness in my daily activities. One thing I have struggled with is doing nothing for two weeks; I am a very active person, however the down time has allowed me to focus on my mental state and health in turn increasing the confidence I now have in myself. Two weeks later and I am continuing to go on small walks to satisfy my craving for exercise, along with slowly bring normality back. I could not fault Dr Choy and the team, everyone has been so so lovely to myself and my mum (who was with me throughout the whole journey), and I do not regret the decision at all. I will be returning to work in the coming few days, and cannot wait. Once again, the experience with Dr Choy has not only changed my life for the better, but has also opened the eyes of my close family and friends and changed the view on elective surgery such as breast augmentation. The information and care/assistance provided to both myself and my mum allowed complete comfort before, during and after the procedure.