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 Ellis Choy

Ellis Choy

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Patient review

NicoleAnn 19/07/2017

Breast Lift - Mastopexy, Breast Reduction

Even since I was a teenager I always had large breasts. It became a constant struggle my whole life with continuous back & neck pain. It restricted me being able to play the sport I love dearly as they were so heavy and no sports bra would even cover or help the bounce each time jumped up for a ball. I was at the gym one day and talking about my dream of being able to have a breast reduction that I knew would change my life and one of my gym buddies gave me a name of a Surgeon to call. That was Dr Ellis Choy. From the first phone call I made to his office and every visit I have ever had, I have never felt more comfortable in my whole life. On the day of my surgery I was feeling excited and nervous, more excitement though. After being wheeled into the anaesthetists room ready for them to talk me through things, I was ever so happy to see Ellis walk in and immediately I felt at ease. He talked me through the procedure and what would happen and all I remember is me saying ‘make them as small as possible’ ☺ Then it was time to fall asleep and I woke up with a new life! Ellis and his staff have been nothing short of amazing. My experience from start to finish has been one of the most rewarding experiences. Each and every one of his wonderful team and the amazing man himself have honestly and truly changed my life. They have given me a second chance in life as I had almost given up on my dream. I am now 2 months post op and feeling fantastic. I have had so many comments from people telling me how amazing I look and boy do I feel it! I highly recommend Ellis and his team; they are one of kind people. Kudos to you Ellis! He has changed my life beyond belief and I can’t thank him enough! He have given me back the confidence I once had in myself a very long time ago and now it’s back for good!