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 Ellis Choy

Ellis Choy

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Patient review

Arlo70 02/06/2017


My journey started when l decided to have my left ear pinned at the age of 47, I had 1 normal ear and one was classed as a cup ear. My ear did not bother me through my younger years. l just accepted it. I wouldn’t go in many photos if my hair was up as the ear stuck out. It was not until the last 6-12 months that l noticed my ear becoming more prominent and uncomfortable. (Sleeping, hats, glasses and even hair styles). After many lengthy discussions with my husband l decided to have my ear pinned. l approached my local doctor and l was referred to Dr Ellis Choy. After my first consultation, I walked away from his office feeling very confident, positive and well informed about the procedure I would to have to correct my ear. Dr Ellis Choy and his team are very helpful and supportive. There were no dumb questions. Three months on and operation day arrived. I was only in for day surgery, but Dr Ellis Choy saw me before and after the surgery. His team was available for me to talk to at any stage after surgery if l needed it. After a week of being fully bandaged it was time for them to come off and see the result. Dr Ellis Choy and amazing team corrected my cup ear near to perfection, I am more than happy with the result. It is a far better result than I expected. People look at my ear and can’t see what has been done. For me though I can see it and feel it in more ways than one. I am sleeping better without having to flip the ear out every time I turn over. It is just unreal. I look at myself in the mirror and see a more confident person too. Having my picture taken will no longer worry me. I have no hesitation in recommending Dr Ellis Choy. His professionalism, eye for detail on surgery, and mannerism are a credit to him. He respects his patients and the respect is given back. Thank You Dr Ellis Choy