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Patient review

Renee78 11/08/2017

Breast Augmentation

When I was 17 years old I went to a surgeon to enquire about a breast enlargement. It was daunting and I really didn’t connect with the surgeon, that coupled with the cost I decided not to go ahead with it. Fast forward 21 years, I am married and have two children and I was still thinking about it and talking about it with my husband on a regular basis. I started researching online, trawling through reviews and came across a great surgeon who specialised in breast augmentation. When I make a decision, I go for it so I made an appointment for the following week with Dr Ellis Choy. My mum insisted on coming with me (yes I am in my late 30s but that doesn’t matter) she had to approve the surgeon herself as well…… On arrival at Dr Choy’s rooms I was greeted by Siobhan who was absolutely lovely and made us feel instantly comfortable. We then went and met with Dr Choy who was very personable, thorough and easy to talk to. He took us through the entire procedure, every step of it, showed us examples and discussed sizing with us. I felt extremely comfortable and so did mum so I took the plunge and booked in for surgery. As I approached surgery I was excited and nervous in equal measure. I have to say that Dr Choy’s team are all lovely and take extra special care of me. On arrival to the hospital I met with Dr Choy, was marked up and ready to go. Post surgery I was a little dizzy but felt pretty good nonetheless and I went home that evening excited that I had finally done it. I was in a fair bit of pain (I am allergic to a lot of pain relief medication) which makes it harder to manage. For the first week I struggled to get a really good nights sleep and was very sore and tender, despite this I went back to work the following Tuesday post surgery. I wouldn’t recommend this, I suggest you take at least the first week off work and really rest up. After the first week, I was extremely swollen but surprisingly had no bruising. The second week the swelling started to subside slowly and each week thereafter the pain and discomfort subsides. Dr Choy checked in on me regularly and took the time to answer any questions I had on each visit. I never felt rushed. I am now 6 weeks in and feel wonderful! The swelling has completely gone, I am not in any pain and I am sleeping well again. I was able to go bra shopping on the weekend and it was an overwhelming experience - I have so much more choice now! I am still getting used to the dramatic change but I could not be happier that I finally took the plunge, I am just sorry I wanted it for so long!