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 Ellis Choy

Ellis Choy

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Patient review

Deborah11 01/11/2017

Breast Implant Revision, Breast Lift - Mastopexy

I had a breast augmentation five years ago and unfortunately developed three deformities including ‘double bubble’, ‘waterfall’, and breast animation deformities. Any woman who has gone through this surgery only to have these results will know it’s a very distressing and overwhelming situation to be in. After meeting with a few doctors I was even more overwhelmed. A lot of the doctors I met showed me pictures of their best primary augmentations but none had a great deal of experience with revisional breast augmentation. Just as I was considering living with the deformities for the rest of my life a friend of mine who is a doctor recommended Dr Choy and told me that he was becoming quiet well known for correcting these surgeries. Making a call to Dr Choy’s office and I was contacted almost straight away by the loveliest woman who immediately put me at ease and walked me through the entire process which, as an interstate patient, alleviated so much stress. My first consultation with Dr Choy was a phone consultation as I couldn’t get to Sydney. He took a lot of time to get to know me and my situation. We discussed my case in-depth, and he was completely honest and upfront about the challenges my case presented. He detailed every option available, the advantages and limitations of each one and then gave me his recommendations as to how to proceed. He was incredibly kind and knowledgeable and I knew I was in very good hands so I booked the surgery that day. From that initial consult Dr Choy and his team were fantastic. Communication was great, they were all so lovely, and they took care of everything. I thought it was going to be such an ordeal being an interstate patient but they made it feel more like a holiday and I can’t thank them enough. Even now as I go back for my follow up appointments they’re an absolute delight to deal with. No surgery is stress free but this one came pretty close. I stayed at a fantastic private hospital, the staffs were great, I had a wonderful anaesthetist, and most importantly, I had a very comfortable recovery. When Dr Choy examined me the morning after surgery I was honestly in shock at the results, my breasts looked amazing, I was absolutely thrilled! I didn’t expect it to affect me so profoundly but years of stress disappeared. I’m only a week post-op but I’m already feeling beautiful, more confident than ever, and so happy – I could not be more grateful. Dr Choy is an exceptional surgeon and a wonderful, humble person and my girlfriends that have seen me since the surgery are already checking their calendars to see when they can visit him. Both my partner and I come from a medical background and I honestly can’t recommend Dr Choy and his team more highly, you’ll be in the best of hands.