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Patient review

Marie88 08/09/2017

Breast Augmentation, Tuberous Breast Deformity

Since I could remember I always hated my breast and breast augmentation was always a prospect of mine. Like many women, life was prioritised by everything other than committed time to focusing on changing something that had always made me unhappy and insecure. After the birth of my first child and with my 30th birthday fast approaching, I finally worked up the courage to start looking at my options for breast augmentation. Being aware I had tuberous breast and conducting my own preliminary findings (google) of the different approaches, I decided that it was important for me to gauge a couple of different opinions from plastic surgeons. After two consultations with two different plastic surgeons, I was left feeling frustrated, confused and even more unhappy with myself. After pausing to have my own pity party over my initial two consultations and how horribly they went I came across this very forum and read the positive reviews on Dr Choy and went ahead and booked a consultation. My consultation with Dr Choy could have not been anymore opposite to the other plastic surgeons I had seen. Dr Choy spent a considerable amount of time understanding my background and what I disliked about my breast and even more time understanding what my expectations were and what I wanted to achieve. Dr Choy clearly explained the risks associated with breast augmentation and answer both mine and my husband’s questions and I left my consultation feeling like I had a crystal clear idea of the process, recovery and risks associated with breast augmentation. After my consultation with Dr Choy there was no doubt in my mind that Dr Choy was the surgeon for me and went ahead and had surgery on the 8th September 2017. Dr Choy’s’ humble and clear execution to achieve my goals by far exceeded my expectations in every way and I couldn't be happier with my result. I now feel more confident and happier within myself and only wish I had found Dr Choy earlier. In addition to Dr Choy being an amazing surgeon he is supported by a team of people who provided a superior service from my first phone call and I would highly recommend anyone considering breast augmentation to meet Dr Choy and his amazing team. You will not regret it!