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 Ellis Choy

Ellis Choy

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Patient review

MelissaS 01/08/2015


In July 2015, I noticed a small lump on the centre of my nose. I had been paying close attention & extra care to my skin as I’m also preparing for my up and coming wedding in November 2015. I decided to go to my GP to get it checked out. My GP said it would have to be cut out and referred me to see a dermatologist for further advice. The dermatologist took one look at my nose and said the lump has to come off as he was 99% sure it was a Basel Cell Carcinoma and it would probably end up with a defect which would require some forms of delicate reconstruction. I started to cry and said that I am getting married in eleven weeks. He referred me to see Dr Choy as his recommended plastic surgeon. I took my fiancé and we went to see Dr Choy. He was very welcoming and after my many visits with doctors in my time I could not stop thinking about Dr Choy’s words- “What do you do for work?” ‘What things do you like to do?” He has been the only doctor to ever ask these questions of myself. I told him about the wedding and how I was very worried about my nose and should I cancel my wedding. As my head was racing with many questions he put me at total ease and showed me before and after pictures of someone with similar condition and explained the different ways my nose may be cut for removing the cancer and reconstructed to achieve the best cosmetic outcome, especially when it gets so close to my upcoming wedding. Although I got a bit teary with the thought of the many stitches, I did start to relax and believe that everything would be okay. Dr Choy arranged for the surgery to occur in a timely manner. I was very nervous but Dr Choy and his team were amazing –they all knew about my wedding and distracted me with lots of caring conversations. After the surgery, I followed all my instructions and took no chances on ruining my recovery to get the best nose I could have for my wedding. Many of my friends have commented and say “What a great nose job you’ve had! No one would ever know!”. I cannot thank Dr Choy and his whole team enough for their professionalism, amazing skills and caring approach. I have never felt so looked after and my total well being was always a priority. It is now three weeks to my wedding and I’m really looking forward to it with my new nose!