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Patient review

Sidney 01/09/2015

Breast Augmentation

I had been thinking and researching about breast augmentation from aged 18 but I wanted to be sure it was what I wanted, so I waited until I was 19 and surely enough I was eager to have it done after constantly talking and thinking about it. Even though I am young, I was unhappy with my natural shape of my breasts as they sagged due to weight loss, which made me feel deflated and unconfident, so I wanted a perkier and slightly fuller look. I decided to fly Interstate to see Dr. Ellis Choy soon after learning the crucial difference between a Cosmetic and Plastic surgeon and discovering Dr. Choy’s many qualifications and positive feedbacks online. I definitely made the right decision. My experience with Dr. Choy was excellent, at my consultation I felt very comfortable as everything was covered, he understood exactly what I was hoping for and I was impressed with both his professionalism and his perfectionism. My experience with the Zilver Lining team was truly incredible. The ladies were extremely helpful, caring and kind. My hotel stay and transport were arranged for me for my convenience and I was given a lot of helpful information and advise about my surgery and recovery. The day after my surgery, Dr. Choy and one of his team members came to my hotel room to check up on me, which I appreciated very much. Throughout the process and even for weeks after, the ladies at Zilver Lining checked up on me via phone calls, gave me more important advise and arranged a follow-up appointment for 6 weeks post op. Dr. Choy and his team couldn’t have been more helpful and comforting! At 6 weeks post op, the impact of the surgery on my life so far has been truly amazing! I feel a lot more positive and confident, I feel very happy with my decision, and the results look fantastic! My breasts are much perkier, rounder and full. I can wear clothes that I couldn’t before (such as backless dresses, very low V-neck dresses and I can even confidently go bra-less with the same perky look a bra would give me). I would strongly recommend Dr. Ellis Choy and his team at Zilver Lining to anyone, anywhere in the world thinking about getting breast augmentation or any other plastic surgery procedures. It has been one of the best decisions I’ve ever made in my life so far!