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Patient review

Jane5 06/10/2017

Breast Augmentation

After breastfeeding 4 children for nearly 12 months each, my already small breasts had completely disappeared. Not carrying any body fat meant the chance of my breasts coming back to anything were zero. Over the past 10 years I have thought about breast surgery but was hesitant due to safety, breast screening and cost. On a recent weekend away with my husband of 25 years when I told him how I really felt about the look of my breasts he said why don’t you have them “fixed”. It was the small push I needed to start researching and open a discussion with my GP about the process of surgery. After much reading and researching and the decision made to go ahead I began looking for a plastic surgeon. I wanted to find someone who had many years of experience and someone I felt comfortable with. A friend’s recommendation led me to making a call to Dr Ellis Choy's surgery. My initial phone call with Janie, Practice Manager, could not have made me feel more at ease or comfortable about booking a consult and on meeting Siobhan, Dr Choy’s Cosmetic Surgery Consultant, I knew I was in the right hands. Ellis was professional, caring and his explanation of the procedure was exceptional. Ellis was thorough and helpful in making the decision of what size would be right for me after spending considerable time getting to know me and the look I was hoping to achieve. I felt I could trust his judgement and experience. My nervousness turned to excitement when we were able to lock in a date not too far from my initial consults for surgery. If I had to wait many months for appointments and then many months for surgery I may well have talked myself out of the procedure. My aim was never to change the way I looked fully clothed as I always did a good job of fooling everyone with padded bras. I did however long to return to my former shape prior to having babies. I now have amazing shape all the time and that has changed my life already!! I feel just as great naked as fully clothed! It is now 3 months after my surgery and I always knew I have made a fantastic decision. Ellis has done an amazing job and everything looks just the way he had explained and I had hoped for. The pain was well managed in the initial few days, turning quickly to tightness and discomfort more than pain, the bruising next to none and any swelling subsided very quickly. I really enjoyed buying bras and swimwear without padding and the freedom to buy any clothes I choose, not just the ones I can wear a padded bra under!!