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Patient review

Anonymous 29/01/2018

Breast Augmentation

After having three Kids, they literally sucked the life out of my breasts. Pre children I was a full B cup, after three pregnancies and breastfeeding my boobs seemed to shrink. I have always wanted bigger boobs but have always been too afraid to do anything about it. After having numerous conversations about it with friends, I finally decided to look into having a breast augmentation. After reading so many reviews from different doctors, I decided to give Dr Choy a call and spoke to the lovely Janie who referred me to Siobhan who was extremely helpful and so lovely. At consultation, Dr Choy was extremely professional and made me feel so comfortable. He covered every detail I needed to know and answered all my questions. From the get go I knew Dr Ellis was going to be the doctor to perform my breast augmentation, we discussed sizes of implants and I decided that I would leave that up to him, after all he is the professional here. Dr Choy knew the look I was after and he knew exactly what size he needed to use to get the look I was after. On surgery day, I was nervous but excited, Dr Choy prepped me and in I went. After surgery, I was in a little pain and felt a little weird that I finally had descent sized boobs LOL. Going home was ok as I still had pain meds in my system from my surgery. Dr Choy called me the next day to see how I was feeling and just to give me a little advice on how to deal with the pain. The first three days was so painful and I pretty much slept all day and night and relied on the meds to get me through the pain. As the days passed, the pain eased a little. My boobs feel really hard and numb and my nipples have been very sore. Seven days after surgery I started to do some chores around the house, but this was minimal, even making my bed was a bit of a struggle. Sleeping is still uncomfortable as I can still only sleep on my back for the first six weeks, using a neck pillow has been a saviour so have one handy. Make sure you have help at home, as you are going to need it! Dr Choy and his assistants have been amazing through this whole experience and considering the pain and discomfort, I have felt the past three weeks my breasts look amazing. In addition, it has all been worth it. Thank you, Thank you, Thank you to the amazing Dr Ellis Choy and the beautiful ladies at Zilver Lining!