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 Ellis Choy

Ellis Choy

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Breast Augmentation, Breast Lift - Mastopexy, Tummy Tuck, Mummy Makeover

My journey began nine years ago after the caesarean birth of my third child. Within days that followed, I tore five hernias in my stomach. This therefore resulted with a prolapse of the abdominal wall. I endured four months of recovery thereafter. This prolapse caused my stomach to disfigure and I was unable to exercise for at least 12 months. In response to this, I became overwhelmingly depressed and overweight. In that time, I gained 45kg. Therefore, from then to where I am today, has been quite a journey. I started my transformation by walking as much as I could. I pushed to overcome each negative thought and doubt with every step I took. As time passed, and small goals I achieved, I gained the courage to join a gym. With a healthy diet, a consistent exercise regime, as well as a stronger mentality, I lost the 45 kg. I still had (and have!) my cheeky days of course with a chocolate or a glass of wine, but I understand that quitting on myself was not an option. My hard work and determination was always key to my success. With a healthier lifestyle, and lengthy conversations with my husband, he could see how hard I had worked. At times I would point out to him the lose skin around my tummy area, and describe how this would make me feel. I phoned my husband at work one day to discuss the idea of meeting with a plastic surgeon. Our conversations continued, and he supported the idea of researching plastic surgeons. So, I did. I finally discovered Dr Ellis Choy. I decided to book an appointment with Dr Choy, as I felt I needed a confident, reconstructive plastic surgeon, to correct the damage created by the caesareans and hernias. It was imperative I found a surgeon who would take care in repairing and re-sculpting my stomach. I found that surgeon in Dr Choy. I am a 40 year old woman, and it encouraged me to see on Dr Choy’s website, diversity in both the age and size of his patients. After a small number of lengthy consultations, my husband and I felt certain that Dr Choy was my ideal surgeon. Following my surgery and recovery, the transformation that my body has undergone is overwhelming. I am now experiencing happiness and joy to finally feel like a woman once again.