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Patient review

TinaG 01/07/2015

Breast Reconstruction

Four years ago I got diagnosed with breast cancer, I was 41 years and my life changed forever from that moment. I decided to have double mastectomy at that time and I didn't know what to do. I was scared and just wanted my cancer to go so that’s why I chose to have double mastectomy. After undergoing all my treatment I thought yes I am now cancer free, I was very happy and looking forward to my new me but after the treatment done I spent a lot of time alone because everyone has to go back to their normal routine. After so many days and weeks and months and two years I became very depressed and hated my new body. I can't find any dress to make me look like a woman again, because I am very skinny and always been a size 6. One day I was having a very sad moment and thinking I needed to do something about myself, and I went back to my breast surgeon, my GP and my oncologist asking them to give me a referral to see a specialist plastic surgeon to have breast reconstruction. All 3 of them recommended me to see Dr Ellis Choy. I was still not sure whether I should go ahead with breast reconstruction. At my first consultation with Dr Choy, he explained thoroughly what needed to be done. Since it was a delayed reconstruction, it would involve two staged operations with tissue expansion & implant approach with also use of biological mesh for extra reinforcement due to my body being too thin & small. For me I thought using this way I won’t have any extra scars from other parts of body especially when I’m so skinny and have nothing else to spare for my breast reconstruction! Before the surgery, I was ready but nervous because I could still remember the trauma after mastectomy. But straight after my operation, I was so happy that I finally have my breasts again! I was in pain for two weeks but it was all worthwhile. My scars healed very nicely and there has been no further pain with my new breasts except for my breast skin being a bit tight for a while. It has been 3 months now after my breast reconstruction, I cannot believe how real my new breasts look and how Dr Choy fixed all my previous scarring. I can now wear my 10B bra or a bikini and also wear tight tops or dresses without worrying. I am very happy with my breast reconstruction operation and all my friends can see the results and said Dr Choy’s work is so good telling me that my new breasts look so natural and proportional with my body frame. Words can’t express how grateful I am for the amazing work that Dr Choy has done for me. Thank you so much!