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Patient review

Aussierose02 08/01/2018

Breast Augmentation, Tuberous Breast Deformity

I am 23 years old from Adelaide and have thought about having a breast augmentation for the last 7 years or so. In October 2017, I was informed via an online consultation that I had tuberous breast deformity and would require a lift in addition to a straight augmentation. It made sense as I had always felt that my breasts looked under developed, but I was disappointed and felt deformed. It also took the cost of the surgery completely out of my budget and I hadn't mentally prepared for the scars that come along with that. I then decided to contact Dr Ellis Choy whom I had seen a lot of his work on various plastic and cosmetic surgery forums with fantastic results from tuberous breast deformity surgery. From the first point of contact with Siobhan, I felt so much more at ease straight away. She was so warm and informative and was able to answer any of the many questions I had. After a subsequent phone consultation with Dr Choy, he ensured me that I would not in fact require the lift and actually recommended against it for various reasons. He took into consideration my work as a hairdresser as well as my active lifestyle when discussing the aesthetic look that I was wanting. I booked the surgery that day for January 2018. As I was an interstate patient I had contact with mainly Siobhan via email and phone and she was there to help me organise my accommodation, flights and the logistics of my stay. I had my pre op visit on the Friday before the surgery where Dr Choy went through every single thing about the game plan, surgery and outcome. I felt so comfortable and he was very open and honest when discussing sizing and realistic expectations. Dr Choy was so humble and had a great aura about him that when I left the appointment I had not a single doubt in my mind about the upcoming surgery on the Monday. The surgery went very smoothly and I had minimal discomfort. As I was due to fly home the following afternoon, Siobhan scheduled an appointment for me to see Dr Choy in the morning on day 1 postop. I never thought - especially on day one - that they could ever look this good. It was incredible to see and compare the before and after photos. I am now 2 weeks post op and I honestly couldn’t be happier- not only do I finally have natural looking breasts, but I was able to do so without having a lift. This surgery has not only changed the way I look, but more importantly has changed the way I feel about myself. The whole team at Zilver Lining and at the private hospital were absolutely amazing and my only regret would be not doing this sooner. I would highly recommend Dr Choy and his incredible team.