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Ellis Choy

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Patient review

Anastasya 13/11/2017

Breast Augmentation

I have been considering breast augmentation since my late teens, and after extensive research through various online platforms, I was able to find Dr Ellis Choy for the first time and saw his various work and reviews. I was very impressed with how natural and highly aesthetic the results of his breast augmentation procedures looked and was even more impressed to see that his patients have always been so highly satisfied on the level of service given by him and his team. Even before my first consultation with Dr Choy, the whole team has been tremendously helpful and supportive, ensuring to the very best that I got the time slots that were the most convenient for me and answering the different questions I had. When I finally got to see Dr Choy, I got to discuss with him more extensively about the procedure, the different options I had for breast augmentation, the pros and cons, and what was most suitable for me and my active lifestyle. By the end of that consultation I was a bit overwhelmed with the various choices but Dr Choy assured me that I did not have to finalize my decision on anything that day so I was greatly relieved. I would like my new breasts to interfere the least with my movements and active lifestyle so I decided I would go ahead with the insertion of the implants in the subfascial pocket, as opposed to subpectoral or dual plane, which involves cutting the pectoral muscle. I informed Dr Choy on the second consultation about my final decision and he was very supportive of it. He made sure that I chose the right implants for the procedure because I still wanted natural looking breasts, none of the bolt-on look and we decided with a range of 300-375cc moderate plus profile mentor implants. I was basically happy to have the biggest possible implant size put in that will still be able to give me really natural result. I told Dr Choy that I always like to verge on the bigger side but only if it can look natural too. So imagine my amazement at the surgery when Dr Choy decided that the 375cc implants were suitable for me. I was really quite surprised and happy to wake up to them The surgery itself went smoothly, I felt fantastic with minimal pain and grogginess from the anaesthetics and was well taken care of by the kind team at the North Shore Specialist Day hospital. I am really happy with how my breasts look now. I used to feel quite insecure about the size of my breasts in proportion to my body and would feel extra self conscious whenever I was not wearing a padded bra but Dr Choy has completely fixed that for me! I am definitely already much more confident and not insecure at all. I'm forever grateful for Dr Choy's beautiful work.