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 Ellis Choy

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Patient review

InkyPinky 22/09/2017

Breast Lift - Mastopexy, Breast Reduction

What a relief! No more headaches, shoulder or neck pain. I had a breast reduction performed by Dr Ellis Choy recently and I’m very happy with the results. I have always been well endowed and have suffered for many years with migraines. Menopause then kicked in and I thought my breasts were never going to stop growing! After breastfeeding children my breasts were not exactly perky. The weight from my breasts made it hard to exercise and took a toll on my confidence. I love the beach but buying swimmers had become a nightmare, anything that fitted my bust did not fit the rest of me. Clothing was not as bad but still disheartening. I felt top heavy and my posture suffered as a result. Initially I was quite nervous, not having had any major surgery before and I thought my age was against me. Dr Choy and his staff put me at ease. Dr Choy's friendly and professional manner along with his qualifications gave me the confidence to go ahead after my initial consultation. No question was too silly or inconsequential. I actually didn't have many questions as most of the information I required was provided. Dr Choy is enthusiastic about his work and explains the procedure in detail. My short stay in hospital was made as comfortable as possible. The staff were lovely and attentive. As I waited all prepped for surgery the Anaesthetist and another member of the surgery team came out for a chat which alleviated the nerves. Dr Choy and the Anaesthetist both checked in with me after I was back in my room. My husband and daughter were there and Dr Choy made the effort to stop and meet them also. The aftercare has been just as attentive. I have been very fortunate and not experienced any setbacks and have recovered well. I attribute this to Dr Choy's skill. If I did have any problems I was made to feel that I could contact someone at any time if necessary. I checked in with my local doctor and we were chatting about my procedure. I mentioned I had very little bruising and also very little drainage after surgery. My doctor said that is the sign of a good surgeon. I now have smaller perkier breasts....yay......I can jump up and down with joy and ease now! Shopping for clothes is fun which it has not been for a while. Thank you Dr Choy and staff, you have made this journey one to remember in the most positive light. I have a renewed confidence and joy in life. I cannot recommend Dr Choy highly enough. Friendly, attentive, compassionate and enthusiastic, coupled with well qualified and experienced.....what's not to be happy about.