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Ellis Choy

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Patient review

CBChang 08/09/2017

Breast Augmentation

After having my 2 kids and gone through breastfeeding for both, I had not only lost all fullness, but had the look of deflation. Every time I looked in the mirror, I felt really unhappy. I had always been ok with being small, but not flat and saggy! It was taking a toll on my self-esteem, something padded bras couldn’t fix. My choice to get new breasts came after having taken a trip away with my husband after a year of craziness. During that trip, there was a realization that I needed to look after myself better and rebuilding my confidence was one of them. As soon as we got back my research began. I had no idea where to start. Reviews were helpful and I relied more on other women’s experiences. What I was looking for was a highly qualified doctor and a professional process. I also wanted it done sooner than later because I have a big trip ahead of me that involves sun and beachwear. Keeping in mind the recovery period was a few months, I just wanted to be comfortable for my trip and so far I am right on track. I decided to see Dr. Choy because he seemed to have a long list of happy customers plus his office was located close to my in-laws so the area was familiar. My overall experience with Dr. Choy was very positive. His assistant, Siobhan, was very responsive to all my questions and always got back to me in a timely manner. She provided a reference of a past patient whom I had a nice chat with. My meeting with Dr. Choy lasted an hour and he asked me a lot of questions and we had a lengthy discussion. He did his assessments and presented my options. I got a really good feeling during that visit and decided to move forward pretty quickly. Surgery day was pretty nerve wracking, but the clinic’s team was really nice and professional. My interaction with the nurses there made it a comforting experience. I was in and out after a seamless process- thank goodness. I am very happy with the results- my new breasts are exactly how I envisioned. I would absolutely recommend Dr. Choy and his team.