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 Ellis Choy

Ellis Choy

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  • Sydney Northbridge, New South Wales, Australia
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Breast Augmentation

As a woman who has always had a small frame and longed for a fuller breast look I knew I would get breast implants but was hesitant after hearing experiences over the news of dodgy surgeries and problems with implants so I knew when I was to go ahead with surgery finding a surgeon I’d be comfortable with wouldn’t be easy. In late 2017 I began doing research on plastic surgeons over Sydney, I came across a surgeon who is well known over social media and enquired for a consultation, at the same time I came across Dr Choy whom I also sent a request for a consultation. I spoke briefly to the first doctor but I felt the phone call was very generic and didn’t really give me the chance to ask any questions. I then received a phone call from Dr Choy’s office which I spoke to a receptionist who explained the process of booking a consultation with Dr Choy and to my luck had an appointment opening which suited me. When meeting Dr Choy in person I felt comfortable instantly and really noticed the amount of attention that he gave me. What stood out for me with Dr Choy was the depth he went into assessing me as well as what I wanted and the time and attention he gave me so we could together come up with a plan to achieve my desired look. Dr Choy really made me feel so excited and confident that if I was to go ahead with the procedure I would be under the best care and because of that I had no hesitation to book in my surgery. When the day arrived I was super nervous as I’d never had a major procedure before but when the time came to seeing Dr Choy and his excitement for me to be finally getting the look I’d wanted for so long made me feel at ease at such a nervous time. At my post op appointment I was so excited to share with Dr Choy my experience post surgery which was even more pleasant then I could have ever imagined. The pain was so minimal and despite worries of my beloved tattoo being ruined with a scar I was finally able to see the care Dr Choy had put in to align my scaring and tattoo absolutely beautifully. I’m now 2 weeks post op and my breasts are absolutely amazing already. The look Dr Choy was able to achieve could not have been any closer than what I was after, if anything he achieved over what I ever imagined! I cannot wait to show off my knew look, that I am so incredibly proud of. My overall experience with Dr Choy made what I thought would be a daunting experience a very exciting and enjoyable one instead. I would highly recommend Dr Choy and have already had friends and family amazed on how great my results are.