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Breast Implant Revision, Breast Lift - Mastopexy

I was a 54 year old lady when I originally had my first breast augmentation by a very well known plastic surgeon. I was told that teardrop shaped implants through the armpit incision was the best way to achieve a natural looking result. For 2 weeks after the surgery, I was in excruciating pain that I could barely walk and I was very distressed. As time went by it got worse and worse. The implants started up under my armpits and continued down into the breast tissue but they were not centred in the middle of the breast. Instead they were positioned to the outside leaving sagging breast tissue on the cleavage and underside of the breasts. They were positioned more towards my underarms which caused tension in my arms as the implants were continually pulling. I couldn’t exercise as the implants hardened and caused more pain. I couldn’t wear a bra as the breast shape didn’t fit any bra type and it would constantly pull on my tendons so I only wore sports bras day and night as I couldn’t be without one. I couldn't put my arms next to my body as the implant was there. I had trouble working and I became quite depressed over the whole decision. I couldn't even talk to anyone as I was disappointed with what I did to myself. Over the subsequent 14 months with my worsening problems, my husband and I agreed that we didn’t trust the original doctor, and decided to have a few more opinions. I saw a couple of doctors and discussed the issues and then one of them recommended Dr Ellis Choy. At my consultation, Dr Choy was very patient and took a lot of time with me, he didn't try to brush me off, he explained everything he had to do, in regards to my surgery. This operation was a lot more complicated as I was having the old implants removed, the pockets repaired, a breast lift and an internal bra made for the new implants to fit into, so a lot more than the original surgery. After the operation, I felt surprisingly not much pain, just the feeling of pressure on my chest. I have very little discomfort and boy I am so happy with the result and glad I chose Dr Choy from the beginning to the end! Well its over 2 months and I am feeling really good! I look in the mirror and like what I see, I can wear the clothes that I like again and feel good in what I wear. My husband comments on how much younger I look. He is thrilled that I feel better, and most importantly he can see that I’m a much happier person. I feel my attitude to life has been restored and I am feeling so much better about myself. I am so happy with Dr Choy and his work. Thank you so much for saving my life!