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 Ellis Choy

Ellis Choy

  • Zilver Lining Plastic & Cosmetic Surgery
  • Sydney Northbridge, New South Wales, Australia
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Breast Augmentation

Dr Ellis Choy is Amazing From the age of 17 I have wanted to get a breast augmentation procedure done. I never had the courage to go to the beach/swimming pool or wear nice dresses because I never had the confidence to as I had very small breasts. Then one day I thought this is it I am going to change my look. I decided I wanted to fix it, after doing some research lucky for me I found the best surgeon on the first go. I met with Dr Ellis and straight away knew he was the one! He is amazing, gentle, very thorough and funny. He made me feel comfortable as I don't usually get along with people easily as I am very shy. We went through everything; he explained everything so patiently never felt rushed. He even showed me a lot of pictures and got me to try on the different sizes of implants! On surgery day 350CC is the size we went with, I am so glad that he chose this size for me, they look super natural for my body shape and I couldn't be happier, my breasts look so good. Simply amazing! Also, the pain wasn't even as bad as I expected it to be! I now feel super confident and so happy with how I look. Shopping for clothes is now much more exciting!! This whole journey was a life changing experience. Thank you truly Dr Ellis! You are the best!