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Patient review

MaggieA 11/05/2018

Breast Augmentation, Breast Lift - Mastopexy

My names Maggie, I’m 24 years old. I suffered from asymmetrical breasts that affected most aspects of my life. I had two different nipple shapes and two different breast sizes (One breast was a C and one was a DD/E) Dr. Ellis Choy and his team made me feel very comfortable throughout my entire experience thus far and so did the staff at Castlecrag Private Hospital (where I stayed one night post op). After in-depth conversation and examination, talking about different surgery techniques and sizing etc., I decided that I should opt to do a breast augmentation, lift and reduction on both breasts for further aesthetic symmetry and a better chance for them to feel more alike. I’ve accepted that I will be left with an anchor scar but the positives outweigh the negatives. I’ve taken a couple months off work since it involves a lot of lifting (I’m a full time carer of an elderly Alzheimer’s patient) and I’m lucky to make family to take care of her until I fully recover. I am 3 week out of surgery now and I have mostly all my feeling in my breasts and nipple back. I still have some localised swelling, soreness and occasionally I can feel some shooting nerve pain but nothing that id find alarming or even complain about. My breasts are still sitting a little high and feeling a little hard but that is all part of the swelling and have already started to go down which is great. The worst part of my recovery would have been my experience a few days into my recovery when I had severe nausea for quite a few days with one of the days vomiting for over 6 hours straight, which obviously put a lot of pressure on my chest. It could be related to the anaesthetic or a reaction my pain medications). I also suffered from severe constipation which I’ve consistently been battling throughout all of my recovery which I can honestly say is a feeling and pain I’ve never felt before in my life. I thought that I had experienced bad constipation in my life before but obviously not. I’ve had to use heavy laxatives and enemas throughout. I’ve also had to stop taking all pain medication except half a Valium which I take to sleep at night since I’m still not used to sleeping on a 30 degree angle on my back. I still believe it was the best decision’ I made for myself and am very happy with the results! I am looking forward to a more comfortable, confident and symmetrical future ☺ I can’t wait to be fitted and go bra shopping which I’ve never been able to do before because of the asymmetry, yippee! Thank you Dr. Choy! ☺