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Patient review

KylieDe 01/09/2015

Breast Augmentation, Breast Lift - Mastopexy, Tummy Tuck, Mummy Makeover

I am 42 years old. I had a “Mummy Makeover” with a combined breast augmentation lift and tummy tuck by the most amazing plastic surgeon, Dr Ellis Choy. After having my beautiful son 20 years ago, I was left with loose skin and stretch marks on my stomach. My breasts size were 10E but I had lost most of the volume in the top of my breasts and without a bra my breasts looked empty and saggy due to breastfeeding. I spent the next 20 years wearing very firm bras to hold up my breasts which left me with an aching neck and dents in my shoulders. I also wore shapewear to hold in my floppy stomach, even in summer which was very hot. I love the beach but always tried to hide my body. I feel I missed out on quite a lot of fun things as instead of feeling confident I often felt horrible about my body. 6 years ago I started looking into having a “Mummy Makeover”. I met with three plastic surgeons, all of whom I did not feel totally comfortable with. They all seemed to spend my initial consultation talking about cost rather than what could be achieved. For a while I felt it was all too much and let it go. When speaking to a friend early this year about what I would like to have done, I got to learn about all the amazing works that Dr Choy has done for her. From the moment I met Dr Choy I knew he is the plastic surgeon I wanted to perform my surgery. At my initial consultation he thoroughly explained what could be achieved, showing me photos of all his amazing surgical results and explaining scar placement and downtime. I confirmed my surgery on the way out! On the day of my surgery I was nervous, but very excited. I met with Dr Choy for “marking up” and he made me feel totally at ease. Before I knew it I was in recovery and could not believe how flat my tummy was. After day 3, I was up and about and was discharged from the hospital on day 4 postop. My breasts look amazing! They are nice and full but I am still able to wear the same size bra. Without my bra, my breasts are perky. Unbelievable! Dr Choy is a magician! I am now two months post op and I feel fantastic. I am back walking each day and hoping to get back to the gym in the next couple of weeks. This surgery has changed my life! I’m confident, so much happier! I have been bikini shopping and so excited for summer. It will be so good to not wear all of those horrible undergarments I have been wearing for 20 years! If you are thinking of “Mummy Makeover”, Dr Choy is definitely the plastic surgeon to go for. My results are so much better than I expected!