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 Ellis Choy

Ellis Choy

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Breast Augmentation

3 years ago my boobs were a 14D they looked good and I was happy with them. I then lost 20 kilos which had changed my life for the better but had left me with dull and deflated boobs- I had dropped down to a 10A. I was insecure with how they looked and I just felt like something needed to be done. I went on for about 2 years contemplating whether or not I should do it, continuously looking in the mirror disappointed with what I could see. After doing some research on different surgeons not a single one of them looked appealing to me. I had a friend of mine who got breast augmentation with Dr Choy so I reached out to her, she showed me photos of her results (which looked amazing) and spoke incredibly highly of Dr Choy, I just knew I needed to get in contact with him. I filled out a consultation form online and the next day received a phone call from his receptionist, she was so lovely, had a brief chat with me as to what I wanted etc and booked me in to see Dr Choy. In early January this year I travelled an hour and a half with my partner to go and finally meet Dr Choy, when we got there all of his staff were so welcoming. First meeting with Dr Choy he was so real and straight forward. He asked me what sort of result I was after and then ran through all the different sized implants that I could choose from. Straight away me and Dr Choy were on the same page with the look that I was going for and me and my partner were both so confident in Dr Choy. After this first consultation I 100% knew that this was something that I was going to go ahead with. I am now over 2 months post op and I have never felt better. I have had such a great recovery, from day 2 I had been able to shower myself, dress myself- anything you name it. After looking in the mirror for the first time after my surgery I was in complete shock- they looked amazing! I honestly cannot thank Dr Choy and his fabulous team enough for what they have done for me, this has changed my life so much and has allowed me to gain so much more confidence in myself. For anyone that is looking at getting breast augmentation or any other type of cosmetic surgery, I highly recommend Dr Choy, he is a complete professional in his work, has such a great team which are literally there for you whenever you need them if you have any issues or queries and I can guarantee that you can put your full confidence in him to make you feel and look AMAZING!