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Patient review

jules 16/05/2018

Breast Implant Revision

I decided to undergo breast implant revision surgery with Dr Ellis Choy in Sydney after less than optimal results on my first b.a (by another surgeon) in June last year (2017). I was rather nervous, as I had anxiously waited for nearly a year for my implants to drop and relax and get less pointed and weird looking, but they weren’t going anywhere; I knew there was not much I could do except hope against hope that Dr Ellis Choy, a plastic surgeon I had been researching from Sydney NSW and who did excellent revisions, in my opinion, would be the one to fix the issues with my current breast implants (by another surgeon) which were :- malposition, asymmetry, left implant rotation and wide gap. I also thought the 360ml textured teardrop silicone implants were too small for my frame and my breasts drooped unattractively; no -I certainly wasn’t pleased with the first augmentation, and, due to maybe too much researching ever since, I had little expectation of the remarkable transformation that followed! After eventually deciding on a full remove & replace with larger (550ml, smooth, round) implants, the discussions with Dr Choy at his office included making me a capsule from the removed capsule of the previous implant and tightening the pockets laterally. Needless to say, I was apprehensive but resigned when the day came, and I think I was asleep before I had the anaesthetic!( lol! snoring away!) The next day I awoke with drains protruding from my sides,I noticed immediately a much more pleasing symmetry and larger area below the nipple (very important!) a reduced gap and (gasp!!?) a CLEAVAGE, I knew I had made the right decision! I can now find myself saying that skilfully positioned implants of the correct type and shape, the long lasting endurance of a reinforced lower pole, together with tightening of the pocket and medially placed larger implants can avoid the scars of a lift, even at my age! I can’t believe how bouncy and soft and adorable they feel, and how much more pleasing my sillhouette is now and how improved I look in tops and jackets, it really is the best thing I have done for myself, and I can’t believe I didn’t get it done 25 years ago! I would like to thank Dr Ellis Choy (and his lovely ladies who run his office) for their professional courtesy during this process of what can only be called a complicated revision, and once again thankyou for no more scars! I truly doubted that I wouldn’t need a lift, but, there you go - no lift!! Aren’t they just gorgeous -me and the girls are SO happy together! In short - thankyou very much I absolutely recommend Dr Ellis Choy who goes above and beyond the call of duty, my expectations exceeded!! xx P S - NO LIFT!!!!