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 Ellis Choy

Ellis Choy

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  • Sydney Northbridge, New South Wales, Australia
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Breast Augmentation, Tuberous Breast Deformity

Growing up I knew I wasn't 'normal.' I'd look at my friends who had nicely rounded shaped breasts, yet mine were droopy, cone-like, and small. I thought it was just a phase and by 18 surely they would fill out - but they never did. I decided to google breast deformities and it was then that I realised my condition was tuberous. I dreamt of getting my boobs done for 15 years, but I was petrified of surgery and going through the whole process. I just wanted to be normal. I finally got the courage to have a consult with a well known plastic surgeon in Sydney, and walked out disappointed after the experience. The consult was rushed, he didn't seem interested in my needs or wants, wasn't empathetic to my feelings or the fact that my tuberous breasts had completely shattered my confidence, and his staff were cold and unfriendly. I hesitated for another 1.5 years, being such a big decision I wanted to feel confident with whose hands I'd be in. I decided to stop wasting time and just do it, but it had to be with another surgeon. I came across Dr Choy online, and with amazing reviews and great case studies I decided to get in touch. From the initial phone call I knew I'd already made the right decision. Dr Choy's staff were so helpful and walking into the consulting rooms was so refreshing in comparison to my previous experience. The staff were so welcoming and friendly and the whole process was professional and caring, nothing uneasy about it. Siobhan spoke with me in detail which immediately put me at ease. When I met Dr Choy his friendly and caring approach made it very easy to talk to him. He didn't make me feel awkward despite my circumstances, and instead listened and we discussed together the best solution. I didn't have to think twice about booking surgery as I knew I had found the right surgeon! I was so nervous pre-surgery, but any reassurance needed or questions I had were answered by Dr Choy and his amazing staff. I was welcome at any time and as many times to look at the implants again, to ensure I'd be happy with the end result. Even now at post-surgery I can still call to ask a question and the team are always happy to help. Their customer service and care far exceeds my expectations. Since having surgery my life has changed. I'm no longer embarrassed or react immediately to hide my boobs. I cannot thank Dr Choy enough for what he's done, and the amazing job he did to give me the confidence I've been lacking all my life. It may take time for the emotional scarring of my past to heal, but this is a new beginning and I have Dr Choy to thank!