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Patient review

AngelaC 01/11/2015

Breast Augmentation

I first looked into getting a breast augmentation done for about 2 to 3 years before I finally went for it. I had two beautiful boys closely together and at my age my body was not the same as it was before. I began to severely lack confidence and stop going out as well as judge myself very harshly despite all the things it had done for me I felt like it had also failed me, as I lacked my confidence and positivity. When I had lost all interest in myself and felt as if every person I would meet would immediately notice my ‘problem’, I knew it was time to do something for me. I did a lot of online research and looked into other people’s experiences and doctors. I had so much trouble finding someone who I thought would help me achieve what I desired until I came across ‘Zilver lining’. Reading the stories and seeing the before and after photos of patients as well as the fast and friendly, informative approach of Dr Ellis Choy’s team I suddenly felt like this was the one. Upon Meeting Dr Ellis Choy for the first time I was nervous and scared of the whole situation wondering if I was making the right choice and if this would make me feel better about myself. But as soon as Dr Choy shook my hand and reviewed my situation I immediately felt calm, relaxed and at ease, he was so informative and made sure no questions were left unanswered. Dr Choy and his team showed endless understanding and support and ensured me that they would look after everything, and they really did. Going into my surgery I was nervous and didn’t know what to expect but The Surgical team and Dr Choy made sure I was ready and talked me through the entire process start to finish and before I knew it I woke up with my new breasts! I was ecstatic! My Recovery was quiet quick I had one really bad day about two days post surgery but other than that it was less painful/uncomfortable than I had prepared myself for. Within 3 weeks I returned to work and felt I could do many of my light duties with ease, any questions I had between my appointments Dr Choy and his Nurse Tina were always there to answer and offer support. Four weeks post surgery I’m feeling pretty great! Only some slight muscle weakness but not too sore or swollen, everything is starting to look pretty symmetrical and overall my self confidence, positivity and my relationships with family and friend seem to be coming back to how they were. I can only hope everyday I feel even more confident and positive about myself. I definitely made the right choice when I decided on Dr Choy and his amazing team, I could not recommend them more highly. They are absolutely wonderful and have changed my life!