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Breast Augmentation

FROM A VALLEY TO 2 MOUNTAINS!! As a teenager I was very late to develop breasts and once I finally did there was not much to celebrate – I was an A cup at best. Throughout my 20’s they didn’t bother me too much, I just accepted them. In my early 30’s and after breastfeeding my sons for nearly 2 years my breasts had lost their nice perky shape and were now saggy and deflated A/small B cup sizes. I was starting to get quite depressed about them and hated what they looked like. In 2008 I decided to do something about it and booked an appointment to discuss breast augmentation. At this consultation I discovered that I had a condition called pectus excavatum which is where the rib cage is depressed and sinks in in the middle of my chest – like a valley. The Dr suggested that getting implants was not a good idea and I walked away feeling so depressed thinking that there was no way I could ever have nice breasts. Fast forward 10 years and my lack of confidence and hatred of my breasts had grown to the point where I had to investigate the possibility of getting implants again as I had read many other cases of women with pectus excavatum having implants and having a great outcome. I began researching plastic surgeons and found Dr Ellis Choy. I read so many great reviews and liked the look of his work so booked a consultation. As soon as I walked into his office I felt so comfortable and upon meeting Dr Choy and talking with him I knew I had found a surgeon who not only seemed capable of giving me the breasts I had always dreamed of but also really listened to me and what my expectations were. He even said that having breast implants can actually “cover up” my pectus excavatum by making it less obvious. I was so relieved and didn’t hesitate – I booked the surgery that day. Over the next 5 weeks until my surgery I had many questions and either Dr Choy or his Cosmetic Surgery consultant Siobhan were always available to answer them for me. On the day of the surgery I was so excited. I had no hesitation at all and was so comforted by the fact that Dr Choy knew exactly what I wanted and I trusted him. Waking up after the surgery the first thing I did was look down at my chest and was so happy with what I saw – I finally had breasts!! I am now 6 months post op and every day my breasts are getting better and better – I love them so much. This surgery has given me so much self-confidence and changed my life!