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 Ellis Choy

Ellis Choy

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Patient review

Casie 01/12/2013

Tummy Tuck

I have struggled with my weight for as long as I can remember. During a visit to my GP she advised me that I was pre-diabetic and reality hit. I had to make a decision to take control of my life and health. I worked hard over 12 months and lost a staggering 2 kilos!!!!. I decided that I needed help on my weight loss journey and consulted a wonderful bariatric surgeon who proceeded to offer me a surgical treatment in conjunction with a whole lifestyle change. I embraced this new life and managed to lose 56kg. While I was ecstatic to have lost this amount of weight and reclaim my life I was left with a small ‘apron’ of loose skin. After some consideration I decided to consult with a plastic surgeon and see if he could complete my journey. I am lucky enough to be a scrub nurse in theatre and have observed many surgeons over this time. I have been privileged to work with Dr Ellis Choy and when considering plastic & reconstructive surgery, there was no question to whom I would approach to have this done. I arrived for my initial consultation and was immediately welcomed by his wonderful nurse. Dr Choy was very thorough during his consultation, explaining my options and examining the area. As confronting as it was to bare my loose skin to a colleague, I was immediately put at ease with his professionalism and comforting manner. I left Dr Choy’s rooms with much to ponder and excitement at the thought of finalising my journey. After making my decision to have the radical abdominoplasty, I once again consulted with Dr Choy to finalise plans. The surgical experience was more than I could have asked for. I was thoroughly cared for by his practice nurse both in the hospital and out. Communication lines were always open and the confidence I felt for his team was priceless. I cannot underestimate the impact that this surgery has had on my life both aesthetically and psychologically. I feel as though this was the final piece of my puzzle and a gift to myself for all of the hard work that went into my weight loss journey. I can’t thank Dr Choy and his team enough for the thorough care that I received and would recommend the Zilver Lining practice to anyone requiring plastic surgery.