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CJBear 02/03/2016

Breast Augmentation, Breast Implant Removal, Breast Implant Revision

Firstly, let me start with my breast augmentation; after meeting three local plastic surgeons with no great success I decided to have a breast augmentation overseas in April 2015. The surgery went well with no issues however in week four post op I experienced a haematoma after walking up a lighthouse something my surgeon had cleared me for. That evening my breast swelled and the implant moved towards my collar bone on my left hand side - this resulted in a very scary night in an emergency ward. I desperately wanted a professional opinion after this issue as at the hospital I only had access to a plastics register. This proved hard as my initial surgeon was overseas and could only communicate via email and photographs. After a lot of research I came across Dr. Guy Watts in Cottesloe WA. I was able to book a consultation with Dr. Watts who regretfully advised me the issue with my new implants was that the left hand side appeared to be constricted or commonly referred to as having capsular contraction. Initially I was so very anxious about the complication and Dr Watts from the moment I met him worked with me by giving me reassurance, answers and time frames to work with to ensure I was ready for a capsuletomy something my overseas surgeon was ready to do immediately (now on reflection would have been the worst way forward for me mentally and physically) . Dr Watts not only ensured I was in the best frame of mind for my revision surgery but made sure I was realistic in regards to outcomes. It has nearly been 12 months from the initial surgery and I am now two weeks out of the revision surgery and the results speak for themselves. I am so happy and have had the most amazing experience with Dr Watts and his team. His office manager is impeccable, Ashe assisted with all my requirements I needed for my insurance/overseas surgeon reports in a prompt and timely manner. Her customer service is next to none and this makes you feel like your Dr Watts most important patient at all times; little things like a care package as you leave hospital just makes you feel so special. I can only speak praise of Dr Watts. I have been working with him for over six months and his patience, diligence and professionalism never waived making me feel like I was in the right hands. He assisted me with overcoming the complication and mentally prepared me for the next step. His after care has been exceptional from visiting me a number of times after surgery, calling me a day after I got home; to allowing me to text him should I have any concerns. I only wish I had found him the first time!