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Mr Guy Watts

Guy Watts

  • Dr Guy Watts
  • West Perth, Western Australia, Australia
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Patient review

miranda75 20/01/2016


I can not express my gratitude for Dr Watts and his team . From the care and kindness from the front desk to the considerate and respectful manner in which he dealt with my 11 year old,to the magnificent end result. My daughter had two very protruding ears which was impacting on her self esteem. She has started high school this year and had previously endured comments by peers about how much her ears poked out. We decided it was time to get this issue fixed prior to starting high school. We were highly recommended Dr Watts so we went to see him in his rooms in Swanbourne. The care begins at the front desk where you are welcomed by Ashe. She is a beautiful person and showed such care and consideration toward my daughter. We then saw Dr Watts who addressed Olivia with respect, kindness and care and explained very carefully, to her, what the procedure entailed, what the after care would be and what the end result will look like. No pressure was put on us to proceed and we made the decision completely about Olivia's needs. The follow up was also excellent and they were there for any questions that needed to be answered. Nothing was too hard which is amazingly professional for someone who is so busy. The end result is amazing. Her ears look fantastic and her self esteem has improved ten fold. Thank you to Dr Watts . We will be forever grateful for the amazing care and work we received.