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Patient review

chicksaxplayer 20/11/2015


When I was 26 years old, I had an osteosarcoma (bone cancer) in my nose. The surgeons removed the tumour and rebuilt my nose using a rib bone for the bridge and skin from my wrist. The skin graft was a different colour, a different thickness and it was cut in a very odd shape. Although I lived with this disfigurement quite successfully, I was never happy with my face. I had no confidence and I always worried that people would stare and wonder what had happened to me. Total strangers would just come up to me and ask questions. Some people were very tactless and it used to upset me. I hated having my photo taken or being on video, because the graft used to stand out and look really odd. In 2015, I visited plastic surgeon Guy Watts, who suggested that we replace the skin graft and perform a forehead flap nasal reconstruction. He explained to me that replacing arm skin with facial skin would make an amazing difference to the appearance of my nose and my entire face. The skin would match the surrounding skin in texture and colour perfectly, and you would hardly be able to tell that the nose had been reconstructed. We went ahead with the procedure and I am absolutely thrilled. Although I am only in the fourth month of healing, I am already happier with my face than I ever was before. This surgery has changed my life in so many ways. Before, I was depressed and introverted. I had given up on taking care of my appearance. Because I was so unhappy with my face, I felt like there was no point in dressing nicely, or getting my hair done. So I just stopped doing it. Now I am excited about the future. I quit smoking, started taking much better care of myself and I'm really looking forward to the rest of my life. Now I can proudly face the world! Mr Guy Watts is a very dedicated and enthusiastic surgeon. From my first consultation with Guy, I felt listened to and understood. I sensed that he was very keen to help me to reclaim my life by giving me a nose that would look as natural as possible. He planned the series of three procedures very precisely and did everything he could to take into consideration my suggestions and requests. I found his bedside manner to be very caring and positive, and his presence prior to each surgery put me at ease. I trusted him completely and I felt as though he was as excited as I was about the process and the results we were getting from each procedure. I would recommend Mr Guy Watts to anyone considering plastic or reconstructive surgery. He is a consummate professional and an extremely skilled surgeon.