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Patient review

Amanda Smith 23/06/2016

Breast Augmentation, Breast Lift - Mastopexy

I had my original breast augmentation 11 years ago. I had a 340cc implant in front of the muscle and was really happy with them. I had no problems and successfully went on to have three children and breastfeed them all with no complications. Over the last few years, I had started to feel like they were too big for my frame. Although they were still pretty good, I was starting to feel that I would also like a lift. I also considered having them removed altogether and spent 18 months doing my research. I saw four different surgeons in Perth, but as soon as I met Dr Watts, I knew he was the right surgeon. Dr Watts was very honest, thorough and listened to exactly what I wanted to achieve. I was much more nervous about the operation, this time, around, but he always reassured me and made me feel at ease. My husband also met him Dr Watts on our third meeting, and he also felt that his professionalism and medical knowledge was second to none. Dr Watts made sure that we were both clear about everything; from the size of the implants to the type of implant that would be used, to the surgery and what I should I expect from the results. On the morning of the surgery, I was feeling quite nervous, but Dr Watts and Dr Chris Gibson (the anaesthetist) made me feel so comfortable and relaxed. Dr Gibson called me the night before to go over everything with me and again to reassure me. The hospital and all the staff were fantastic, and I honestly enjoyed the whole experience. Dr Watts gave me a great little goody bag with perfect things needed after the operation. Lozenges (perfect for my slightly sore throat after the surgery), lip balm (this was so lovely), sparkling water and chocolate (the best), plus some other things. Both Dr Watts and Dr Gibson came to see me a few hours after the operation and then the following morning Dr Watts came to see me again - the care I received was unbelievable. He also gave me his mobile number and called me later on that when I arrived home to see how I was feeling. Dr Watts seems to care about his patients in a way that I never experienced before. I have seen him twice since the operation, and I am seeing him again in two weeks. Dr Watts' Manager Sue was just as helpful and friendly throughout the whole experience. I spoke to her various times, and she was always very knowledgeable and professional. My breasts look fantastic! It has been almost six weeks, and the scars are fading well. I love the new size which is 250cc, and the shape is perfect for my size, I feel so much more comfortable. I was nervous about having the lift, but Dr Watts has done the most amazing job on my breasts. I am so happy and would recommend him to everyone! After seeing three other top surgeons here in Perth, he was by far the most thorough and professional, and the results are outstanding. If you are thinking of getting any surgery, especially something more complex which includes a smaller implant and lift, then look no further - Dr Watts is your man!