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Patient review

DrLyn 06/07/2016


I am 62 year old teacher now without flabby arms. My procedure was performed on July 6. I am a perfectionist and I recognised that trait straight away in Dr Watts. A few weeks before my surgery my consultation with Dr Watts involved going through the procedure and what to expect post-surgery. I need to have a Plan B for what might happen and Dr Watts explained all the Plan Bs. He also provided me with information that I would later refer to, so that I knew my healing process was within normal parameters. This information proved invaluable. The night before my surgery I went to Dr Watt's rooms where he drew on my arms and marked out where the incisions would occur. Doing it the night before provided time and the opportunity to not have distractions. Dr Watts spoke to me right after surgery while I was in recovery. I do remember that. Everything had gone as planned. He visited with me again later that day and again the following morning. My husband was given Dr Watts phone contact to call if we had any concerns. I went home. The following day I went home (I live two and a half hours from the city on a farm). I had a phone call from Dr Watts that day checking to ensure I was okay. I messaged him back that I was. I had another phone call two days later. Again I messaged back that I was fine. I was. Later that day I noticed there was a lot more seepage on my right arm. More than I expected. My husband took a couple of photos, sent them to Dr Watts and he was right back with what to do. The following day while following Dr Watts instructions to change the dressing my husband was concerned so a couple more pics to Dr Watts. He had a phone conversation with my husband, organised for a script to be faxed to our local chemist, and would you believe there were no more leaks after that. My first check-up was a week post procedure. All was good. My second was the following week after we had removed the dressings in the shower. Again, all was good. I needed no tape. The incision had healed nicely. Dr Watts and his team have been outstanding. Sue, in the office, has helped me out so much. Ashe dropped of a bag of goodies after my procedure at Wembley Day Surgery for a special patient (me) who should have special treatment. That was such a lovely gesture. I have never had a surgeon call me at home after a procedure. I have never had the care and attention I received from Dr Watts. I would refer anyone who wants a highly professional, caring surgeon who will achieve excellent results and who will answer your questions if he hasn't already covered it in the information he provides. He is extremely thorough. Thank you Guy, Ashe and Sue.