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Patient review

Vrotom 17/08/2016

Breast Augmentation

Well it's been 3 weeks and a bit since my BA shifted the scales to 175/200 and they are looking better every day. I'm 'petite' framed as some would say (then again I probably stunted when I was 12!) I had been thinking of getting a BA for a while but was seriously concerned about seeming unnaturally big breasted. After 3 kids, breastfeeding and still no sign of ever looking like a woman, I finally decided I needed to start ticking some items off my bucket list that would still make sense before they became irrelevant with age or wisdom:) Dr Watts was just fantastic... you would probably have realised after these few sentences that the intensity of my psyche borders the insane most days but I surprisingly (well I surprise myself...if that counts for anything) lean a lot more towards self-preservation than I would like to admit: the most difficult step in my case was to bridge the 'choice of surgeon' step and Dr Watts saw me through it all! Trust in my surgeon and belief in self were paramount to my BA journey and Dr Watts had my back all the way. I found that the highlight of my surgical experience relied fundamentally in Dr Watts's confidence, subject expertise (trust me: I fired questions from all sides) and ability to paint out my needs to determine what I actually wanted inside my comfort zone. The surgery was spotless, the aftercare was remarkable and I felt totally safe and without regrets. My body recovering fast, I'm feeling better everyday...missing exercising but looking forward to finally needing a sports bra!