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OliveTilly 20/07/2016

Breast Augmentation

After two pregnancies in two years and breastfeeding both children, my size 10C breasts ended up being nothing more than empty skin bags. I referred to my them as 'Figs in Socks' for a good two years while trying all the non-surgical ways to plump them up again- taking the contraceptive pill, trying to gain weight, eating copious amounts of KFC- nothing worked (Obviously!) You can't blame a girl for trying. It was time to head back to the operating theatre, something I wasn't too keen on after a horrific rhinoplasty experience with another Perth surgeon (will link to that review once completed). I spent two months looking at before and after photographs and reading through reviews of local Perth surgeons. I spoke to everyone I knew who had had a breast augmentation- I wanted to know the good AND the bad stuff. There was one photo in particular that I kept going back to on Dr Watts page- the before boobs looked just like mine and the after shot was just amazing. They were perfect! I contacted Dr Watt’s rooms and spoke to the gorgeous Ashe. I asked if she could email me ALL of the pre and post-surgical information, which she kindly did straight away. If I was going to be cut open again, I was going to be as educated as possible and I was going to listen to my gut this time. I booked an initial consultation and told myself that if I didn't feel comfortable with Dr Watts then I wasn't going to book my surgery with him- simple as that. Well, it turns out I was worried for no reason. I walked out of that appointment knowing I had found my surgeon. Even my husband was comfortable with this man who had just seen his wife's boobs. Happy with my appointment and happy with my quote, I booked in for my BA surgery. Two weeks prior to my surgery date I had another appointment with Dr Watts to confirm sizing and go through all of the paperwork. Dr Watts talked me through the possible risks and answered all of my questions- not once did I feel like I was being 'Sold' my surgery. And now my surgical diary begins: 15/7 Friday - Getting throat pain. Glands have swollen. 16/7 Saturday - Throat pain increasing. 17/7 Sunday - Throat sore. Glands swollen. Difficulty sleeping due to throat pain. 18/7 Monday - Visit to GP, diagnosed with pharyngitis. Sore throat, swollen neck glands. Called Anesthesiologist and Surgeons rooms. Dr Watts called and discussed potential risks with possible infection. Put my mind at ease. Told to rest. Waiting to hear from Dr Chen. 19/7 - Woke up feeling much better. Swelling has gone down 80% and no pain when swallowing. Emailed Sue to update her on my progress and was given the all clear for surgery from Dr Chen. 20/7 - It's surgery day. Didn't get much sleep so looking forward to resting post-op. Uber to the hospital at 6.30am. Checked in by the lovely nurse Lynn then was visited by Dr Watts where he marked my chest. Feeling 100% comfortable and confident in my decision to go with Dr Watts. Am feeing informed and relaxed which is the exact opposite of how I felt when I had my rhinoplasty surgery. Met with Dr Chen and before I knew it it was surgery time. Joked about gaining a couple of kilos in theatre and then was given a 'couple of drinks' then it was goodnight to me. Woke up feeling slightly nauseated but didn't vomit. Feeling very tired. I'm feeling tight across my chest- similar to when I was engorged during my breastfeeding days. Staff at hospital were so lovely. Care package from Dr Watts was so thoughtful. Got to have a look/feel of my new breasts when Dr Watts came to check on me. Very happy with the results. I feel like my old self again. 21/7 - Kept up with pain relief overnight- endone and panadol. Slept in a recliner which was much more comfortable than a bed. Still sleepy but I think that has more to do with the endone. Eating fine, drinking fine. Little things like being able to tie my hair up or easily get out of the chair are the only issues I have. Apart from that, still feeling like I'm 'engorged' but am thrilled with the look/feel of my breasts. Am keeping up with prescribed pain management. Very tired so off to sleep at 10.30pm. 22/7 - Woke up at 3am in quite a bit of pain. Breasts are extremely swollen. Have taken an endone. Got through the day without any more endone. Took Panadol, nurofen and abs right on schedule. Still a little tired but feeling well otherwise. Dr Watts called today and is happy with my progress. 23/7 - Woke up at 2am again in a bit of pain. Breasts feeling quite engorged. Went back to sleep and took Panadol and nurofen at 7am. Back at my own house now. Managed to have a bath, get myself dressed and tidy up a little. Think I may have overdid it a bit because my left breast started aching so I sat back down. Drove a little bit today to which was a little difficult. Steering tends to tug a bit so I'll only be driving now when absolutely necessary. I also had two glasses of wine. I am feeling quite sore this evening. I have noticed that if I poke my right breast cleavage, I can feel what I think is the implant edge? It kind of pops in and out as I poke it. It’s not painful, just feels like an air bubble type thing? Have taken my evening painkillers but may need to take a endone if the pain doesn't subside soon. 24/7 - Didn't require any extra pain killers last night. Woke up feeling great. Was able to shower without difficulty (taking care not to wet the dressings) Kept up with pain killer and antibiotic schedule. Had a nap in the afternoon as still tire very easily. Noticed an increase in 'popping' noises when I press the skin between my breasts. Bruising has gone down quite a bit. Beyond thrilled with how good they look. 25/7 - Had a great day today. Breasts are still quite tight and swollen. No pain in the right side but occasionally I get a sharp pain in the left- not bad enough to be concerned about. Strangely I keep getting a 'let down' feeling. Nipples are still numb but react to touch. Incisions are getting a little itchy now. Popping noises still in the skin between breasts. 26/7 - Another great day. Still swollen and tight and incisions are still itchy but not in any pain. Any pain I do get is on the left side and only for a few seconds- normally when I've done too much. Sleeping upright is so darn uncomfortable. 27/7 - One week post op today. No real changes in the breasts. Had my follow up appointment with Dr Watts today and had the dressings removed. Beyond thrilled with how great they look and feel. The recovery isn't half as bad as what I thought it would be. I have a band now to wear over my compression bra. It's a little ouchie but probably more annoying than anything. God, these surgical bras are ugly. Back in a week for removal of incision dressings and suture trimming. 4/8 – Two weeks post op checkup today. My dressings have been removed and replaced with tape. Sutures have been trimmed (bit of a tug on the left side but I was just being a sook) Boobs look amazing. So, so happy. 29/8 – I’m in Perth a week earlier than expected so I had my six-week check up today rather than drive down again in a week’s time. I’m to start massaging my incision scar three times a day. 12/9 – I’m seven weeks post-op and am feeling fabulous. My breasts feel like have always been there. My incisions are healing nicely. I’m in no pain or discomfort and my breasts are softening up more and more each day. They look amazing and I am thrilled with the outcome. If any has any questions, feel free to message me. I am so pleased with my choice to have a BA with Dr Guy Watts. I cannot recommend his services highly enough. Sue and Ashe are also so lovely to deal with.