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Patient review

Youngmummy 28/09/2016

Breast Augmentation

After having 2 children an breast feeding both of them I found myself lacking in the breast department! I'd thought about breast augmentation before but thought it would we be out of my price range as if only ever want to have it done in Perth an leaving Australia for a cheaper option didn't appeal to me at all with all the horror stories I had heard. I decided to do a bit of research anyway an found that Perth surgeons were more affordable than first thought. I booked 2 consultations with 2 different doctors. 1st consult was with Dr Watts in west Perth. Going into the consult I was super nervous an very self conscious of how I looked. Upon arrival I instantly felt very comfortable with Dr Watts. He listened to all my concerns an seemed very confident he could achieve my desired look. We had a play with the different size implants and I got a feel for what size I thought I would like. After the consult I left feeling at ease an very confident in my decision to go ahead with the procedure an knew that dr Watts was the dr I wanted to do it. I cancelled the other consult as I didn't feel the need to see another surgeon. Sue, the lovely receptionist then sent me a quote the next day an I was more than happy with the price, so called an booked my date to finally get me some new boobs. I had my pre op appointment 3 weeks before to go over sizing once more, which I was happy for Dr Watts to make the final decision on day of surgery while operating to see which size was going to suit me best, he is the expert after all, and to go through all the risks associated with the procedure. It was a little scary to hear of all the risks although I had total faith in my Dr which I think makes all the difference. Surgery day rolled around so fast!! I was more nervous than I expected I would be, but thankfully I was first up so didn't have to wait long, after seeing Dr watts an having all the markings drawn on an chatting to him I already felt much less nervous about the whole thing.i then met Dr Chen my anaesthetist an before I knew it I was out. Before I knew it I was awake an had NEW BOOBS!! I felt a little sick as I always do after going under but besides that an the pressure in my chest I felt pretty good. I also snuck a quick look at the new girls an they already looked awesome. After a few hours I checked out an was on my way home after stopping in to see dr Watts briefly just to check all was looking good. He told me her had chosen to go with 350hp smooth rounds and I was happy with his decision, He also gave me a little care package with a few things to help with the recovery, such a nice idea. After getting home recovery was pretty good, I had next to no bruising, pain was minimal an all in all I felt great. Dr Watts called to check in on me a couple of days later an was only to happy for me to call him if I had any concerns. 1 week post op appointment was short and sweet, had dressing removed, all is looking awesome! 2 week post op appointment, tape removed and stitches trimmed. Super happy with how they're settling, I just love them!! The scars are positioned so well in the crease an are hardly noticeable already. Sorry for the long review but a surgeon this awesome deserves a fab review! I really cannot fault Dr Watts and his staff in any way, at no point did I ever feel pressured or rushed to book with him, he was only too happy to answer any question no matter how ridiculous, his knowledge an professionalism is second to none and I would recommend him 1000 times over!! This guy knows his stuff .Thankyou Dr Watts for giving me some confidence back, and great boobs. I couldn't be happier.