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Mr Guy Watts

Guy Watts

  • Dr Guy Watts
  • West Perth, Western Australia, Australia
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Patient review

LinL 04/10/2016


After my first initial consult with Dr Watts I knew he would be the right surgeon to perform a Rhinoplasty that I have desired for over 20 years. He is very professional and projects confidence in the outcome he is able to achieve. Dr Watts has a realistic approach and is very honest. The first consultation is an hour and the procedure is explained in great detail. I left the consultation very happy and reassured. I booked in for surgery after my first consult. As a very anxious patient about the surgery Dr Watts never dismisses your concerns or fears. He is very understanding and his kind hearted and patient nature reassures you that it is a common procedure with little to be concerned about. The day of surgery he will see you prior to going under anaesthetic. He marks out the nose and reassures you once again that all will be well. I woke up from surgery feeling absolutely fine, no nausea and no pain at all. I did not require any heavy pain medication, even after the numbness had subsided. Aside from the very dry mouth & blocked nose I experienced no other side effects. All the concerns and fears I had were proved to be an over anxious mind and I wish I did this much earlier in my life. The anaesthetist Dr Chen was also great. He is very reassuring about the process and he will meet with you prior to surgery as well as on the day. Dr Watts post-operative care is fantastic. Any concerns you may have he is only a phone call away and will speak with you directly. 7 days post op he removed the sutures, whilst it’s not the most pleasant of feelings, he is gentle and it’s a rather quick procedure. On the 9th day the plaster was removed, the difference in appearance was noticed immediately. I am currently 3 weeks post op and absolutely delighted with the new shape. Dr Watts is an excellent Plastic Surgeon. I would not hesitate in recommending him to anyone that is unhappy with any part of their face/body. I am thankful to him for making me feel better about myself. Dr Watts you are simply amazing!