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Mr Guy Watts

Guy Watts

  • Dr Guy Watts
  • West Perth, Western Australia, Australia
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Patient review

NCG 29/09/2016

Blepharoplasty, Rhinoplasty

After a considerable time dwelling on if, where & when I was ever going to go ahead with this type of surgery, I decided it was now or never..I researched and approached three Perth based surgeons. Each agreed rhinoplasty & upper eyelid surgery would be beneficial but what made Dr Watts stand out to me was his calm and methodical nature which decreased a lot of my anxiety about my decision to proceed and increased my trust to be assured I was going to get the desired results. By no means was I after an 'extreme makeover' in fact I was after a subtle,natural look so that no one could detect I actually had any 'surgery'. Dr Watts really listened to my concerns during each of the appointments and explained the procedures in detail, it was never rushed. He was honest and realistic about achieving the outcomes I was after, & we agreed we were on the 'same page' which put my mind at ease. The surgery itself was undertaken in a new modern local hospital which I found to be less intimidating, Dr Watts saw me pre & post op & even provided his personal contact no. for aftercare and a gift bag with some post op goodies which added a nice personal touch. The Inital 7 days of recovery at home was manageable as a schedule of post op medication was provided by Dr Watts and he also was able to remove the stutures and nose splint in his office both of which were pain free procedures. I was surprised how relatively pain free the surgery was, no sharp pains or stinging sensations, more just a blocked nose, dry mouth and swelling which was bearable with ice packs, especially for the eyes. His practice manager, Sue was also most accommodating with bookings and replying to emails etc.. The surgery already feels like a lifetime ago as my nose now looks in proportion, my overall look is a 'fresher' appearance and most importantly natural! I'm SO happy and highly recommend Dr Watts as he has a real passion for what he does!