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Patient review

Perth Girrrl 10/01/2017

I am 30years old and after years of complenpating and a few non-surgical nose jobs I decided 2017 was my year to get a rhinoplasty! I went to see Dr Watts and wow I walked through those glass doors and there was the most beautiful receptionist so polite helpfully and the energy in those rooms felt so positive! The waiting room smelt like warm marshmallow hehehe! Dr Watts brought me through with a huge smile on his face! He was so understanding, considerate of my feeling about my nose, professional, answered all my questions with ease and his work on rhinoplasties had blown me away I thought sign me up! I thought so much of him, I even booked in a breast augmentation too! I saw Dr Watts 4 times to make sure I wanted the procedure and that I was aware of all the risks! I had found my surgeon and couldn’t be more trusting in him! The day of my surgery which was the 10th of January 2017 I was extremely nervous but very confident in Dr Watts. I arrived at 6am at St John of God Subiaco got prepped by the nurses and got taking through at 8am to the theatre waiting rooms were Dr Watts greeted me and made me feel at ease. When I got taking through to theatre I was laying on the bed and they were just about to put me to sleep, I was so nervous but the most significate thing through my whole journey was Dr Watts came over to me held my shoulder and said “I’ve got this, I will look after you I will do the best job I can do! This made me feel so special that He took the time to put me at ease just as I was going to sleep! My cast came off my nose after 2 weeks. Dr Watts was so careful, he handed me the mirror and told me he was very impressed with my nose! OMG I was so over whelmed with my nose it was so perfect! I had been warned about the swelling so I was expecting the biggest nose and that just wasn’t true it was so small and straight and in my eyes Dr Watts had done an amazing job! I love my Nose I love my breast and I love my journey that Dr Watts carried me on! We all want a doctor that’s caring, puts safety first and delivers results you’ve only wished for! The whole team in Dr Watts office were so important to how my journey has gone I thank you Sue for being there on the phone whenever I needed a quick answer or too and Dr Watts thank you for taking the time to not only be the best surgeon to give me these amazing results but a real genuine human being!